Mina Nomidou

Ελ. Βενιζέλου 47, Νέο Ψυχικό, τηλ. 2106745382
Mina Nomidou, a native Greek, studied   Economics at Aristotelio University in Thessaloniki and information Sciences at LSE in London, before she started working as a method analyst for techno-economic projects. Her interest in jewellery-making started when she did a degree in silversmith at the Mokume School of Jewellery in Athens.

Her career in design and fashion began as a buyer for a big department store with activity throughout Greece, before launching her eponymous jewellery brand in 2005.

Mina lives and works with her family between Athens and the island of Sifnos.

Her brand new atelier is located in Neo Psychiko, Athens, where all our jewellery is created and produced by hand. The space is also used as a workshop where we welcome customers, give classes, hold exhibitions and showcase our collections.

Everyone is welcome to stop by during working hours or book an appointment for a private view and tour.

Mina's love for semiprecious stones and modern design is the foundation of her brand. All pieces are one of a kind.

She believes in unique creations and this is why the production of each design is limited to under 10 pieces. The stones are never exactly the same and working exclusively by hand makes each piece of jewellery distinct in its own right. 

All necklaces are stitched with fabric strings instead of metal. The stitching technique is the same as the one used for pearl necklaces, which is stone-to-knot, instead of all stones being attached to one continuous string, which would result to their loss in case of a string break. This lengthy process ensures that the necklaces are securely put together.

It’s this skill and the attention to delivering high quality that create the value of Mina's products. The majority of the stones and material is sourced from Greece and Switzerland in Europe, as well as America and Asia. Some semi-precious stones are sourced from Africa. Since 2005 Mina has produced more than 1,500 pieces which have been sold through private sales and high-end retailers. 

Mina's e-shop features a selection of various artists' creations, beside her own, ranging from luscious handbags, scarves, t-shirts and other unique items.

Pearl earrings in silver

Gold-plated, "ear candies" earrings

Burgundy "bubble bath" earrings in silver

"My name is Eternity" bracelet, sterling silver, sapphire gemstones

"In a dark mode" bracelet, hematite beads

Tassel earrings, black

"Golden Ties Duo Choker", beaded with faceted spinels

Malachite & hematite necklace, with black onyx & pearls

Malachite & hematite necklace in grey

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