Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών Θεόδωρος Κυρίτσης

Πηνελόπης Δέλτα 16, Νέο Ψυχικό, τηλ. 2106747653

Another academic year, that of 2015, has come to an end and I feel the need to express my gratitude to all of you, parents and students alike, for trusting us all these years your knowledge when it comes to your choice of English. 
I am so proud of you who have helped me run this school for 22 whole years in a row. It is true that during this course of time, we have had our ups and downs, our good times and our setbacks but at the end of each academic year everything seems to turn the right way.
So, this year, once again our students gave the best they had and succeeded in their final exams whether they were at B2 (lower) or C2 ( Proficiency) level.
I almost have the impression that a high passing rate at an annual base has now been well established and goes without saying.

Theodoros Kyritsis

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